Offering Development and Activation of Proprietary Research

What We Offer

BDS Research is a full-service research solution, offering our clients custom designed services for understanding the consumer path to purchase, evaluating retail readiness, and assessing the consumer experience. We employ a variety of methodologies for capturing the required data, including consumer surveys, intercepts, mystery shops, audits, and store associate interviews. Our cutting-edge visualization tools allow us to derive the maximum insight from diverse data streams.


  • Online Consumer / Retailer Surveys
  • Shopper Intercepts
  • In-Store Data Sourcing
  • Focus Groups
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data Integration / Visualization

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  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Opportunity Assessment
  • Retail Consulting & Solution Development
  • Category / Market Analysis
  • Partner Sales Engagement & Management


  • Sales Impact Analysis
  • Retail Performance Tracker
  • Visual Merchandising Analysis
  • Retail Experience Index
  • Retail & Consumer Advocacy

Why Partner with BDS Research?

BDS Research programs begin with a consultative approach in working with clients to determine where potential opportunities or gaps may be:

  • Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure performance
  • Determine best methodology to capture and track critical data
  • Collaborate and leverage findings to modify tactics

KPIs and tactical metrics can then be aligned with point of sale data to optimize performance and success within the channel.

BDS offers the unique perspective of having operated channel marketing programs for over 32 years. With that depth of experience, BDS clearly understands not only how to research and analyze opportunities, but also how to activate key findings and drive them through tactical marketing activities that impact success.

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  • Custom client-based approach
  • Proprietary retail marketing methodologies
  • Standalone research engagements available
  • May be layered onto an existing retail or  commercial program
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