Brand Advocacy


Market Development

When you want to increase market share and mind share, you need a team of dedicated brand advocacy ambassadors. Our Market Development Managers will move the needle for your brand by building retail relationships, training retailers on your products or services, and growing their markets. With a deep understanding of store relationship management and functional retail expertise, Market Development Managers offer the highest level of flexibility and control for your brand. Get the best of both worlds: in-person presence on the retail floor; and market level insights to help you make informed business decisions. For every client, we careful choose talent that fits your brand identity and is equipped with the skills to meet your specific goals.”

  • Strategic Planning & Territory Gameplans
  • Retailer Relationship Development
  • Formal & Informal Training
  • Special Events & Roadshows
  • Real Estate Negotiation & Optimization
  • Market Intelligence & Competitive Tracking
  • Retailer & Customer Insights
  • Product & Pricing Compliance
  • Demo Readiness


When retail store associates don’t have a strong knowledge of your product and aren’t recommending your brand regularly, in-store training is the right solution for you. Our training experts are skilled at influencing brand preference and increasing rate of recommendation. By delivering small group and one-on-one training, our product and category experts are confident in promoting key product features, benefits and differentiators, complementing your brand marketing efforts in-store. Flexible training programs may be dedicated or syndicated utilizing our FlexForce team, as well as seasonal, to support key selling periods and product launches. By arming store associates with knowledge about your products, they will be empowered to promote your brand to customers.

  • Small Group Training
  • Informal One-On-One Training
  • Product, Brand & Sales Training
  • Build Retailer Relationships
  • Resource for Store Personnel
  • Distribute Brochures & Collateral Materials
  • Collect Key Retailer & Competitive Insights

Assisted Sales & Events

If customers are leaving stores without your product in their hands, it’s time to consider implementing an assisted sales program. Our sales enthusiasts are brand advocates who are passionate about engaging customers, delivering memorable shopping experiences, and driving sales at the last three feet. With their extensive experience, Assisted Sales Representatives are an extension of your brand and know how to successfully pair the right product with the right customer. We offer flexible solutions that may be dedicated, or syndicated utilizing our FlexForce team, whether you are launching a new product or hosting in-store events.

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Demo Days
  • Product Launch Support
  • Special Events
  • Collect Key Market Insights

Brand Shops

With retail environments constantly changing, it’s difficult for brands to stand out and stay top of mind with customers. A Brand Shop strategy complements your traditional retail distribution, allowing you to showcase the products you want and deliver a shopping experience customized to your brand. BDS offers a comprehensive solution from shop design to build out to staffing. Dedicated shop staff manage the retail location, engage customers and close the sale. Penetrate just a few markets or go nationwide. Set up shop temporarily or permanently. You decide. Make your own rules with this direct-to-customer experience. Our Brand Shop solution gives you back the control.

  • Market Location, Selection & Acquisition Consulting
  • Shop Design, Build & Installation
  • Staffing & Talent Management
  • Dedicated Sales Professionals
  • Shop Operations
  • Demand Generation

Sales Accelerators

BDS offers additional services that may be layered on to your existing program to create a comprehensive approach to your channel marketing strategy. Our Sales Accelerators are designed to provide deep insights, create tools for associate knowledge transfer, and generate brand excitement among associates.

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